With extensive 3D modelling/BIM experience gained from projects throughout the UK, we can provide these services on a standalone basis or as part of the modelling service for the complete design team, including information and models from architects and structural engineers.

We can combine our MEP model with the architectural and structural models to include all aspects such as HVAC, pipework, plumbing, drainage and all electrical services including power, containment and lighting.

Our main BIM tool is Autodesk Building Design Suites – which includes Revit MEP – and we use this to create intelligent BIM models (Building Information Models); these in turn contain parametric models which produce the basic visualization plan for the inter-disciplinary design coordination, analysis, documentation, 2D CAD drawings as well as real-time scheduling.

Once the 3D Revit model is completed, we run the model through Navisworks to ensure that the model and 2D CAD drawings are clash free.

We can also use these tools to provide virtual walk-throughs of the model, allowing design or construction teams to view the model from any point or angle.

In addition, thermal modelling software (IES) is used for analysis into improving building energy efficiency.

3D modelling/Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Standalone or integrated with architectural/structural models
HVAC, pipework, plumbing, drainage and all electrical services
Virtual walk-throughs
Thermal modeling for energy efficiency